Established in 1980-something, Rock Manor Games is a game development studio based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company isn’t really much of a company since it is made up of one sole game designer, Mike Gnade, but he’s a decent guy so humor him. Please sign-up for our newsletter to get notified about new games and Kickstarters.

Latest News

Announcing AlderQuest

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We here at Rock Manor Games are proud to announce AlderQuest, a fast paced match-3 duel game designed by Ryan Ward.  AlderQuest features different factions of animal heroes dueling for survival.  Players will... READ MORE

2018 is off to an exciting start

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Tomorrow, I leave for PAX South which will mark the first time Maximum Apocalypse is available for sale at a large convention. I brought a few boxes to MagFest last weekend, but the... READ MORE