Established in 1980-something, Rock Manor Games is a game development studio based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company isn’t really much of a company since it is made up of one sole game designer, Mike Gnade, but he’s a decent guy so humor him. Please sign-up for our newsletter to get notified about new games and Kickstarters.

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Maximum Apocalypse Sneak Peak

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Check out this video preview of our upcoming cooperative roguelike board game, Maximum Apocalypse. Maximum Apocalypse is a cooperative roguelike board game where a group of survivors attempts to survive one of many... READ MORE

Conventions Wrap-Up

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I am officially catching up and getting back to designing and business-y things after some busy weeks at some amazing conventions.  First up was PAX West (previously known as Prime) in Seattle.  It was... READ MORE

Maximum Apocalypse Logo

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Here’s the logo that I’m leaning towards for our game Maximum Apocalypse.  I like it’s simplicity and the way it’s an emblem that we could use subtly in certain areas of the game.... READ MORE