Rock Manor Games is a small independent game studio founded by myself (Mike Gnade) as a creative outlet for all my game projects, prototypes, and ideas. I’m a serial entrepreneur that has been involved in the indie gaming scene since late 2006.

Over the years, I have come to really admire the idea of rapid and experimental prototyping that so many indie game developers use in game jams and on sites like the Experimental Gameplay Project.  This is a place for me to experiment and play around with games without committing too much time and resources to any one project.  I hope that some of these ideas will evolve into mobile game apps or even full-fledged commercial game releases, but only time and popularity will drive such a decision. This site started as a simple place to post some of my free games and prototypes to get feedback and grow as a game designer, but has since evolved into ‘my brand’ as a game designer (both electronic and analog).

Why Rock Manor?

The short answer is that I grew up on Rock Manor Avenue, but the deeper reason is that my time at that particular house during that portion of my life really instilled in me a sense of creativity and wonder.  Back in the 1980s, I was drawing up collectible superhero cards based on my pets before creating an actual fantasy card game out of note cards that was similar to Magic.  This lead into some early video game development with Klik and Play before moving around and starting High School.